Weddings and Group Events

Burlton Cottages is conveniently located near to some wonderful wedding venues such as Pimhill Barn, Shooters Hall and Palms Hill. We have had many families stay here during a family wedding, appreciating the ‘home from home’ experience that a hotel room simply can’t give.

Booking ‘The Burlton Collection’ enables all three cottages to be booked – allowing everyone to be together, but also providing a bit of privacy. There is ample space and mirrors for hairdressers to work, and if you need some storage for flowers, we can find some space in a cool barn outside.  Photographers can also be creative, as these Kate Scott photographs clearly show. In Kate’s own words: “I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed such calm preparations; it was zen-like, just bliss.”  

We will do anything we can to ensure your special day is truly memorable; I absolutely love weddings!

Photography :

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