• We are Eco-friendly

    We care about the environment. These are the steps we have taken to prove it.

Green credentials

At Burlton Cottages and Spa we deliver the best eco-luxury we can. We do that by using renewable energy and living in an environmentally-friendly way. Here’s how:

  • The cottages and spa have underfloor heating throughout, supplied by a biomass boiler which uses sustainably produced wood chip.
  • Electricity is powered by solar panels.
  • Plastic is minimised by using refillable soaps and shampoo bottles throughout.
  • The Spa was built by local craftsmen using locally-sourced building materials wherever possible.
  • Within the Spa, the pool and hot tub water is purified by Ultraviolet light before the need for chemicals.
  • The products used in the massage treatments are handmade by Wida, using traditional Thai methods.

Around the estate

Rachel and Gerry even farm in a conservation-friendly manner. Schemes have been implemented to enhance and conserve the nature and woodland areas around the estate:

  • Grass margins have been left along all watercourses.
  • Lapwing breeding and feeding zones have been established.
  • A woodland scheme includes new tree planting.
  • Barn owl boxes have led to successful breeding.
  • The couple even stopped cultivating the soil at the farm to minimise disturbance. So the earthworm population is thriving – and they do the job instead of machines.

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